Our Happy Ending Stories

Harmony Exposes Her Funniest Fail That Actually Ended Happily

harmony5 helvHey there. My name is Harmony, and I'm one of the beautiful escorts available to hire. I specialize in massage and I've also been known to do some stripping for my clients. In fact, that is what I'd like to speak about here on this little synopsis. The power of mistakes and how they can be turned around in your favor. 

There's Nothing To Be Afraid Of

If you never hired an escort before, you probably have some worry about what the whole process entails. I'm here to tell you, there's nothing to it at all! It's easy peasy and the whole procedure is completely painless. Now, that being said, I did have a funny fail occur to me and it ended up being a successful night after all. That's why I want you to keep in the back of your mind, that anything can happen, anything at all....and even if things don't go completely your way, there's always a way to flip it to a favorable outcome.

My Mind Wasn't In The Right Spot

It was one of those rough weekends...the kind where you don't know if you are coming or going because you had too much on your plate. In addition to my escorting, I had some personal issues to tend to and that made it even more difficult to keep my mind on my work. I felt totally bad about this because it appeared that my client had prepared a beautiful night for the two of us to spend together. Lucky for him, we ended up having a happy ending better than either of us could have imagined anyway!

My Messages Got Completely Mixed Up

I grabbed my stack of missed phone call messages when I stopped by the escort service, so I could email my clients and get back to them regarding their dates. I noticed within the message stack, that one of my clients had to move up their appointment because their flight was changed to an earlier time. He wanted to get in his date beforehand. Since he was a new client, I didn't want to let him down. I quickly changed into a sexy ensemble and headed straight to the hotel where he was staying.

The Surprise Was All On Me

When I knocked, it took a few minutes for my client to answer. To my surprise, he already had a woman in his room! It was one of my coworkers. What on earth....? She was stunned to see me as well. We compared notes and I discovered that I had grabbed the wrong stack of paperwork. The messages were for my coworker. How she had found out that her client was leaving early, I still do not know. She must have glanced at the message and hurried to the hotel, just as I had. I do know that once we had a laugh about my mishap, we got involved in something reserved for special clients. We gave this guy the time of his life...after all, two is always better than one!