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This Melody Can Help You Sleep Better

melody4 helvAre you planning on being in Las Vegas for a convention? Are you already here for one? Whether you are presently in the city or if you are making a visit soon, relaxation is key to enjoyment when it comes to spending time at these prestigious events. Your down time requires a woman's touch. I'm Melody and I have experience in helping convention visitors relax. I recently used my talents to help a client. Read on to find out more.

I Was Requested For Several Nights

My client had called and asked if I would be available to stay with him in his hotel room for more than one night. This was a new client to me, but when I spoke with him, I knew he really needed some help to soothe his anxiety. He wanted to be able to rest and relax. Conventions tended to get him in a work mode where it was hard to slumber. He said the only way he could sleep was with a woman by his side. Since his girlfriend wasn't able to go on the trip, he was reaching out for a stand in. I agreed to the proposition and packed my bag.

I Was There For Conversation

After long days manning a convention booth, my client needed some downtime. He would come back to the hotel room where I was waiting, and we would set out for an evening of fun. During this time, I learned a lot about what was expected of businessmen during convention. I learned about the booths themselves and what marketing tactics were used to draw people to them. My client enjoyed sharing this information with me. I, however, made it a priority to try to get his mind off of work after a bit. I suggested places we could go for an hour or so. One night it was a nightclub, the next was a casino. We had a blast!

We Acted Like A Couple

I believe that the time we spent outside the hotel room really helped to connect us better when we got back to it. We spent a lot of time cuddling and watching television before we went to bed. When we did decide it was time for some shut-eye, I would give my client the best fantasy massages. He really enjoyed the thrill of my nude body upon his during these sessions. I made sure that he was completely satiated and that his desires were fulfilled. Afterward, I'd stroke his back until he would fall asleep. We would wake up in the morning in each other's arms. That was such a great feeling! My client has since flown back home, but he has already booked time with me when he returns for the same convention next year!