Our Happy Ending Stories

Our Favorite Movies With Happy Endings In Vegas

celeste1 helvEveryone loves a great movie. It's even better when the movie has a happy ending. You feel like everything was summed up, you're content with the outcome, and life just seems better when a happy ending slaps you in the face. There's plenty of movies out there with this type of ending, but what about those that portray Las Vegas itself? Here are some of our favorite Las Vegas movies where you'll be pleased with the ending you receive.

Vegas Vacation

Everyone loves the antics of the Griswald family! From the beginning Vacation movie to Christmas Vacation, there's plenty of laughs and surprises all the way around. Vegas Vacation is no different! Watch Clark with his hilarious casino mishaps, his wife honing in on lounge performer Wayne Newton, Rusty with dice playing fun, and Audrey hitting the nightclub scene. With everyone in different places, will they meet up and have a vacation to remember happily?

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Harmony Exposes Her Funniest Fail That Actually Ended Happily

harmony5 helvHey there. My name is Harmony, and I'm one of the beautiful escorts available to hire. I specialize in massage and I've also been known to do some stripping for my clients. In fact, that is what I'd like to speak about here on this little synopsis. The power of mistakes and how they can be turned around in your favor. 

There's Nothing To Be Afraid Of

If you never hired an escort before, you probably have some worry about what the whole process entails. I'm here to tell you, there's nothing to it at all! It's easy peasy and the whole procedure is completely painless. Now, that being said, I did have a funny fail occur to me and it ended up being a successful night after all. That's why I want you to keep in the back of your mind, that anything can happen, anything at all....and even if things don't go completely your way, there's always a way to flip it to a favorable outcome.

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Reset Yourself For Spring With A GFE Massage

harmony5 helvSpringtime is a time when love seems to be in the air no matter where you go. It appears like there are couples cropping up everywhere. Something about the weather and the promise of renewal makes people want to get together romantically. if you don't have a love interest, and you want to feel the excitement of having someone to spend time with, there is an option. A GFE is a fantastic way to get that "couples feeling" without the commitment that goes along with it.

Pick Out The Exact Girl You Want To "Date"

Before you have a date with one of our beautiful women, take the time to browse the pictures of each of our workers during your free time. You'll get a sense of each of their personalities by reading over the provided profiles and you can see exactly who you can meet before the date happens. It is best to pick out an escort that you feel you have a connection with before you even see her face to face. Look for someone who appeals to you physically. This means you'll be enthralled with her striking beauty, leading the way to an array of prospects once you get to talk to her.

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How To Have A Better Holiday Season This Year

madison4 helvIf you have had some less than optimal holidays in the past, it is likely you are wary about what is to come this year. Making preparations to enjoy the holiday season is a must if you are worried about it going in a southerly direction. Here are some ways you can protect yourself so you are sure to have one of the best holiday seasons possible this year. 

Prepare For Gift-Giving Well In Advance

Don't wait until the last second to go out and hit the stores to get gifts for those who mean something to you. Instead, start the process as soon as possible so you have plenty of time to find appropriate gifts, full of meaning. This also allows you to budget for the events ahead, ensuring you are not suddenly inundated with the need to fork over cash or pay several credit card bills. Each time you go out to a store for yourself, keep the holidays in mind so you can focus on sale items present, perhaps allowing you to pick up an item or two during the excursion. Searching for gifts can be stressful, so giving yourself plenty of time will help keep depression and anxiety at bay.

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Everyone Deserves A Valentine's Day Happy Ending

harmony5 helvWho doesn't enjoy a happy ending? When time with someone draws to a close, the goodbye you share can make a huge difference in how you feel after they leave. Happy endings are important in almost any situation. When it comes to being with a beautiful woman, a happy ending will leave you relaxed and satiated. Should you decide to hire an escort to spend time with you this Valentine's Day, here's what will happen during your date to lead you to the ending you deserve.

A Woman More Pretty Than You Can Imagine

All of our escorts are lookers, we will admit, but you may enjoy a certain appearance when it comes to the type of woman that turns you on. It is best to select the woman you wish to meet so you anticipate her arrival and have the chance for a successful happy ending purely because of your attraction to her. To do this, take a look at the escorts we have available to hire right from our website. Pictures of each of our workers are posted and profiles are also present so you can read about each prospect in private before you make a selection.

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In The Spirit Of Thanksgiving: Some Client Reviews

kat3 helvThanksgiving is coming up in the near future, and our escorts are extremely thankful for your service. Over the years, we have gotten a ton of reviews from clients, just like you. We wanted to share a few of them with you to let you know how much we are appreciated for the services we provide. With the thankfulness that these people have with our services, we reciprocate the ideas to you as well! 

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